Refund Policy


Customer satisfaction is one of our biggest priorities.  That's why don't mind giving refunds under certain circumstances.  If you think you deserve a refund on your purchase than please get back to us within a couple days of receiving it. 

Item is Broken Upon Arrival

If for some reason you receive your item and it is damaged when you receive it let us know and we will issue you a refund.  Please take a picture of the broken item and send it to us no later than 12 hours.  Refunds will be sent once we receive the item back in our warehouse.  Unfortunately there might be shipping to cover so it might even be better for both parties if the if we can issue a partial refund and you keep the item.  Please see partial refunds below. Either way, please contact us first so we can work on resolving the matter.  If you are local to one of our offices than we could send an agent out to pick it up.

Item Not Received (Lost in shipping)

Although shipping usually only takes 15 to 30 days it can take longer sometimes.  If after 90 days your item has not been received have no sweat.  We will work on resolving the issue.  If it is just super delayed shipping due to delays with the shipping companies than we will let you know and dig up some info for you on where your item is.  If the item has simply been lost and hope on receiving it is no longer there than we will work on issuing a refund.

Partial Refunds

Sometimes we will try to work out another way to keep you happy.  If you feel like you only need a partial refund to keep you happy than we can work that out.  If the item is broken but can be repaired locally to you or by you than you may only want a partial refund.  If it is missing certain accessories not necessary for functionality of the object than we will try and come to terms with you on issuing a partial refunds.   Partial refunds can be the better choice in some occasions.  If the accessories aren't necessary for the functionality of the item (this mainly applies for musical instruments where you might not need that strap or tuner that was supposed to come with it).  Or if you can get the item repaired.  Than a partial refund can be good as you can still keep the item that holds value and put a bit of extra money back into your pocket.  You wont have to worry about shipping it back.

Not Happy With The Item

If your simply not happy with your item we would love to do something about that.  Unfortunately with e-commerce though it's truly difficult to understand how you feel about an item purchased until you receive it.  It is for that reason it is difficult for us to issue refunds simply based off human emotion.  If you want to cover shipping and send it to our Calgary office than we might be able to work something out.